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Why Source from India - Unique Products, Small MOQs and Many More Reasons
Source unique, differentiated products
One of the main reasons to source from India is the plethora of unique and handcrafted 
products not found in other countries.

There are a wide range of indigenous handicraft styles that are unique to India.

The advantage of selling such high-end products is they can command higher prices and therefore have higher profit potential.
water bottles from India suppliers
This enables you to differentiate and stay away from highly competitive low-margin products with cut-throat competition.
Place small orders
Since a lot of the products are handmade, suppliers are usually willing to cater to small orders. 

While minimum order quantities typically range from 200-500 units, suppliers do cater to orders as low as 20-50 pieces (with the exception of apparel and textiles). 

This is definitely a huge advantage, if you’re just starting out with a small budget or if you’re an experienced seller and want to test a new product line.
Diversify sourcing to minimize business risk
Diversification is a business strategy that helps businesses reduce risk and stay afloat during turbulent times.

Sourcing from only one country can be risky as trade disputes or other issues can impact bottom lines, especially if you are selling high-competition and low-margin products.

The recent US import tariffs on China-madeproducts is a prime example of how government policy can impact import businesses in the blink of an eye.

As an e-commerce business importing private label products, you are exposed to such risks, and 
sourcing diversification is one way to mitigate these risks.
In the situation that your supplier does infringe your IP, and if you do have a strong contract in place, it is easier to take the supplier to court as legal proceedings in India are in English and the legal system is similar to other common law countries such as the US.

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Protect your IP
bottle covers made in India
One of the main areas of contention in the trade war between the US and China is IP protection. 

But when you source from India, you won’t have to worry too much about your supplier copying your designs and selling them to other buyers. 

In general, Indian suppliers have morerespect for their buyers’ IP than typical Chinese suppliers.
In the unlikely situation that your supplierdoes infringe your IP, and if you do have a strong contract in place, it is easier to take the supplier to court as legal proceedings in India are in English and the legal system is similar to other common law countries such as the US.
Communicate easily
English is the second official language in India, and most people you will deal with at your supplier will speak English, some of course more fluent than others. 

As there are 22 languages in India, each with its unique script, English is the language that unites the country! 

This is extremely advantageous when it comes to communicating with your supplier, especially when you are developing or modifying a product to private label. 

In addition, you don’t need translators when visiting a trade show in India or talking to suppliers online.
Get better prices with local raw materials
A wide range of raw materials are readily available domestically in India including cotton, silk, jute, marble, metal, wood, bamboo and others. 

Products made from these natural materials are very competitively priced from India. 

The country is the world’s second largest producer ofcotton and accounts for 26 percent of global production. 
Wall hangings from India manufacturers
Help uplift disadvantaged communities
India is a developing country, and there are non-profit organizations in the country that employ disadvantaged communities to manufacture products for export. 

When Amazon sellers source products from such organizations, they can command higher prices for the products because of the story behind them. 

At the same time, they get to help and uplift these communities - what a beautiful and ethical way to run a business!
This article is written by Meghla Bhardwaj, Founder of India Sourcing Trip and The Asian Seller.

Meghla has been working in the Asia sourcing industry for over 19 years. She has visited hundreds of factories in India and China and has a deep understanding of manufacturing and sourcing processes.

She is the founder of India Sourcing Trip, a unique guided Sourcing + Learning + Cultural tour to the Delhi Fair. The trip is especially designed for Amazon and eCommerce sellers looking for unique products to private label.  

Meghla also runs a podcast called The Asian Seller for Amazon and eCommerce sellers, especially those based in Asia.

You can reach her at

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