India Sourcing Trip by Megadi
An exclusive India sourcing guide for Amazon and online sellers! 
The eCommerce Seller's Guide to Sourcing from India
Learn how to import products from India for your eCommerce business
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With US tariffs on China-made products, many Amazon and online sellers are looking to import products from alternative sourcing markets including India. This 47-page eBook describes the good, bad and the ugly of buying products from India to sell online, so you can decide if India is right for your business. 
This book is for you if you are looking for:
  • Alternative sourcing markets that are not hit by US import tariffs 
  • Unique and differentiated products that are not found in other sourcing countries

You will learn:
  • Why source from India : Find out if India is right for your business 
  • Challenges: What are the pitfalls you need to be aware of
  • Product categories: Which products does the country specialize in 
  • Finding suppliers: Where to find manufacturers and exporters
  • Sourcing at trade shows: Which export-focused exhibition to attend in India
  • Quality control: Find out how to to get consistent product quality
  • Logistics and delivery times: How to ship products from India to Amazon FBA
  • Prices and payment terms : Is it cheaper than China and what are the payment terms
  • Tips for effective sourcing: Get advice on sourcing profitably and safely 
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